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We who work and lives at Hyltorna Farm are Birgith and Pelle Lundgren.


  Birgith is a qualified physiotherapist and ergonomist who after fifteen years of                private practise and work on oown consulting firm, ended her career and went on to      work with natural things.

  Training in hand weaving, previously used in leasur, laid the foundation of the                weaving studio which is now on the farm. It is also Birgith who designs the tools that     are sold in the webshop,and responsible for, and spin the wool  from the farm sheep     and for the training courses.



   Pelle is the smith dating from the blacksmiths in the eighteenth century Åland, now        workingfull time on the farm.

   In the practical work on the farm Pelle is most of the responsibel for forest and               ground work.

   He also stands for the designof the stall decoration and gate systems and is primarily    responsible for the care of the sheep.

   Pelle is the one that produces the tools that are sold in the shop and spare    parts for    Birgith's loomsand spinning wheels. In spare moments, it happens that he lights the      forge where the iron with fire

   and processing with forging hammer become everyday items of his own design.