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Gammeldags is the collective brand that stands for old-fashioned craftsmanship with a modern twist, using old techniques with the tools in a new functional and ergonomic design.

Gammeldags is located on Hyltorna Farm and composed of several interacting parts

  • Weaving Studio and "House for handspinning"
  • Processing of sheep products
  • Production of handicraft tools preferably for working with wool.
  • Online Store

Gammeldags started in 1999 by Birgith Lundgren and is since 2001 also as a web-based store with customers also in other Nordic countries, Europe and the United States.

Gammeldags has as its primary goal to provide knowledge of ancient craft and its history, adapted to the requirements of our time and interests.

Our production is focused on the tools of  Swedish raw material and based on knowledge of Swedish / Nordic history and tradition. The materials we use come from our farm and from companies in our vicinity where production takes into account our common environment.

Our ambition is to maintain low prices. That means we do not apply the promotional prices or discount rates.

We try to send orders without delay, which in many cases means that the item can be picked up the day after the order reached us (does not apply to countries outside Sweden).