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 In the wood workshop  rools the farm master. There all hand turned products are made.


In the workshop there is a growing stock of furniture dry timber. The wood used is taken from the farm or purchased from suppliers of Swedish timber.

The wood workshop, as a workshop for the production of handicraft tools in small scale, was created to provide farm wife with details of looms and spinning wheels to repair or simply as a new design of tools that are handy to have during work. Some of these tools were simply so good that they took for sale to other craftsmen / artisans.
The tools produced here, have undergone a rigorous trial period in the hands of the consuming farm wife and also changed and evolved in several stages before being considered ready for use other than the farm's own craftsmen.

There are a lot of different tools from the weaving reed hooks, spinning wheel bobbins, loom wips to more advanced equipment as counter-marches and shaft switching devices for looms, wool combs in different sizes and densities. 


Each product, from the simplest spindle, to  the wool combs or inkle looms, is used continuously in Gammeldags business. None of our gears are manufactured solely for resale but are the result of farm wife's wishes. Farm wife's wishes also govern the design and choice of materials, each small part is carefully documented and made to a blueprint for the craftsman's convenience. Wood workshop  contains no automatic tools or machines, but everything happens using eye measurements which means none of the products made on the farm is identical to one another..